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Kitchen Remodeling Packages



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Silver Kitchen Remodeling package is seamless for adding a “wow” factor to your kitchen, especially if it doesn’t need big structural changes.

This package is good for 10×10 kitchen and it includes up to 12 cabinets, which will be more than enough for this size of kitchen.From drop-in sink and faucet to vinyl flooring and laminate countertop, we will take care of your entire remodel – from demolition to installation – and provide turnkey solution through a smooth process.


We provide free in-home consultation, and free 3D design. There is no obligation to purchase.

It’s our guarantee: When you sign up with KLH CONSTRUCTION Shop, you sign up for a hassle-free remodel.



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Gold Kitchen Remodeling package is for those that want to go a bit farther than basic changes in their kitchen and include granite countertops.

With more cabinetry to choose from (up to 14 cabinets), this package is for those who really want their kitchen to stand out. Away from the classics like white, the homeowners can also choose unique colors based on their desired kitchen design. It comes with elegance that actually lasts for years.

If you want to create more countertop and cabinet space in your kitchen, this package also includes adding kitchen island.

This package is essentially for those that believe that a makeover should not only make their life more beautiful but also more convenient.

So just sit back, and watch the kitchen you have always wanted come to life.



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Diamond Kitchen Remodeling Package, the focus is almost entirely on making your kitchen as stunning as it is functional.

We will offer 16 cabinets with a variety of finishes to choose from, thereby ensuring a palette that will liven up your kitchen. This package is perfect for 12×12 kitchen and includes tile flooring, granite countertops, sink, faucet and a kitchen island. A full-height backsplash will also help in creating a stunning-yet-modern-decor.

As with our gold and silver package, the only work you have to do is to pick your options. From demolishing to installing, as well as necessary painting will be taken care of by our expert team of professionals.

It will be as if you ordered your ideal kitchen with the push of a button. 

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