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Bathroom Remodeling Packages




up to 5x8 bathroom 

A moderately-sized bathroom can be the ideal setting for a beautiful bathroom makeover with our Silver Package.

Our Silver Package combines both function and style for your new bathroom. While it comes with detailing such as a vanity with marble countertop and tub surround around the bathtub, it’s best suited for those looking to add more functionality or aesthetic to their current bathroom.

With vanity cabinets, you will also enjoy ample storage solutions for your toiletries along with adding a wonderful touch of class to the bathroom. The vanity comes with its hardware, lighting, mirrors, and sink faucet.

Your new tub will come with its fixtures, drain and surround from the world’s leading brands.

The entire process of plumbing, demolition, installation, fitting and trash haul will be done by our professional team at KLH CONSTRUCTION; which not only means you save the cost of hiring an external party for the demolition, it also ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience. Prices may vary depending on the project. 




up to 7x7 bathroom

When you choose our Gold Package for your bathroom remodeling project, our team of professionals will work with you to design and plan your remodel every step of the way. This package is suited for those who want to do more than just cosmetic changes in their bathroom.

Perfect for a major bathroom makeover, it comes with a number of options to choose from to meet the vision of your bathroom design.

In addition to everything that we have in our Silver Package, we will replace your floors, toilet, paint the entire space as well as update your baseboard and GFI Outlet.

Because we take care of demolition and installation — our team of dedicated staff here at KLH CONSTRUCTION will see to it that you enjoy your updated bathroom without any hassles.




up to 10x10 bathroom

Interested in transforming your bathroom into a relaxing space with updated amenities and beautiful fixtures? By choosing Kitchen and Bath Shop’s Diamond Package — you will have beautiful options that offer both style and function for your updated bathroom.

In this package, you will enjoy your vanity with a granite countertop. It goes without saying that it comes its vanity hardware, lighting, sink faucet, under mount sink and mirrors. Toilet and its accessories, new tub and new drain as well as tub fixtures and surrounding, exhaust fan, paint, floor and wall tiles, grout work and wood baseboard will completely transform your bathroom.

The improved aesthetic and functionality of this complete bathroom makeover from KLH CONSTRUCTION will add a lot of value to your every day. You will truly find a spa-like serenity in your own personal haven.

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